20130604-195348.jpgIt was Monday morning and I had just wrapped up a great mountain bike ride with my Little Friend Lynn. It was 10:50. I was sweating, muddy and sporting a sweet helmet head look. My phone chirped, signaling a new text massage. It was from Gina at my work making sure I knew AB 147, the breast density bill I’ve dedicated the past 4 months of my life to, was going to be signed into law today by the Governor at 11:30. WHAT????????? was my reply. Governor Sandoval’s office had called and emailed me… but on my work contacts. So the only warning I got was 40 minutes before the bill was to be signed. I’ve posted before about how my life is like a duck; calm on the surface, but paddling like hell beneath. That was me on this day. I literally ran to my bathroom. Showered in less than 2 minutes. Threw a dress on. Combed my dripping wet hair and ran back to the car. I called the kids’ school and said, “I’ll be there in 7 minutes. Make sure the kids are outside.” At 11:05 we were heading down to Carson City. We found a decent parking spot at 11:25. As we briskly walked into the state capital, I was pulling on my belt and shaking the remainder of the water from my hair. 11:38, we were escorted into the Governor’s office… as if that was my plan all morning long! Governor Brian Sandoval was amazing. He engaged my kids in conversation. He showed them is coin collection. He answered their many questions about the state and his family. He even asked them which desk he should use to sign the bill into law. Normally in Nevada, the Governor uses a small historic desk. But my kids wanted his grandiose, every day desk and he obliged. He then had just the kids and me come behind him so we could get official pictures taken with just the four of us.


He then invited assemblymen James Ohrenschall and Randy Kirner (sponsors of the bill) and lobbyist Audrey Damonte to join us for the official signing.


And this was a live signing. Sometimes it’s just ceremonial and the actual bill was signed ahead of time. But he saved this piece of legislation for us to witness him signing it live. He used several pens and then gave each of us one of them. He also handed me a copy of the bill, personally signed to me by the Governor. And he gave the kids his Governor coin.


All in all we were in his office about 25 minutes. 25 great, historic minutes. I cried out of pride and sadness. I’m proud to have helped pass a law that will save women’s lives. I’m sad this bill came too late for my mom. But days like this  make the sadness easier to tolerate. And I know my mom was watching. When I got home that night, I put on some shorts and was making dinner. For no reason, I put my hand into my back pocket. My fingers curled around a thin piece of paper. Surprised, I pull it out and broke into laughter when I saw what it was. Two 5 dollar bills. One for Eva. One for Domi. A present from my mom in heaven saying, “Good job guys! Well done today.”








Here’s how a recent day went for me…and unfortunately, most of my days are actually like this. We begin Tuesday night:

9:30pm went to bed

9:35pm realized I hadn’t read my scripts for next day’s Healthcare Forum. Turned lights back on to study

10:00pm shut lights off, praying info I just read seeps into my brain and sticks

12:02am allergies strike. I get up to take some medicine

12:06am come back to bed and wait for Benadryl to kick in and knock me out

12:07am donner starts pacing room wanting to be let out to go potty

12:15am i finally yell at donner to stop walking around. I refuse to turn the alarm off for her to go potty when Darrin will be up in just over an hour to go to work

2:00am darrin gets up for work… i guess. I’m now in a Benadryl coma. I guess he lets Donner out. And I guess he leaves for work since he’s gone when I wake up

3:15am Max, the damn cat, starts kneading my arm as if it’s dough and he’s determined to make bread

3:17am Cody, the other damn cat, gets jealous of max’s bread making skills and starts his own loaf on my cheek

3:18Am I scream,”It’s 3 in the morning!!!!! Knock this shit off!!!”

3:45am I win the battle of the bread and cats finally fall asleep. One is cuddled up against my stomach, the other is up against my back. This I can handle

4:15am I fall into a deep, glorious sleep

5:35am Alarm radio goes off. Rob, Arnie and Dawn are talking about the presidential debates. I quickly hit snooze

5:45am the alarm goes off again. DJs are still talking about debates. I sluggishly get up. Benadryl hangover causing me to weave to the shower

6:15am out of shower, hair done, put on dress coat for today’s Healthcare Forum…AND THERE’S A MISSING BUTTON!!! “You have got to be kidding me” I scream to no one in particular. I’m pressed for time already and now out comes the sewing kit and on goes the button

6:45am-7:15am Get kids up, drop them off at brother-in-law’s house to be taken to school. Pound coffee while driving to the Nugget. Pass a NHP trooper and wonder if drinking coffee while driving is in the small print of the cell phone ban law

7:16am Arrive at Nugget and jump on stage to welcome 250 people to the Healthcare Forum… appearing totally composed as though I’d gotten 8 hours of sleep… even introduced the Nevada Secretary of State, Ross Miller

My friend, Sally, has a sign in the kitchen of her cabin that says “All good cooks are like ducks… calm on the surface and paddling like hell beneath the water”. I am that duck