Here’s how a recent day went for me…and unfortunately, most of my days are actually like this. We begin Tuesday night:

9:30pm went to bed

9:35pm realized I hadn’t read my scripts for next day’s Healthcare Forum. Turned lights back on to study

10:00pm shut lights off, praying info I just read seeps into my brain and sticks

12:02am allergies strike. I get up to take some medicine

12:06am come back to bed and wait for Benadryl to kick in and knock me out

12:07am donner starts pacing room wanting to be let out to go potty

12:15am i finally yell at donner to stop walking around. I refuse to turn the alarm off for her to go potty when Darrin will be up in just over an hour to go to work

2:00am darrin gets up for work… i guess. I’m now in a Benadryl coma. I guess he lets Donner out. And I guess he leaves for work since he’s gone when I wake up

3:15am Max, the damn cat, starts kneading my arm as if it’s dough and he’s determined to make bread

3:17am Cody, the other damn cat, gets jealous of max’s bread making skills and starts his own loaf on my cheek

3:18Am I scream,”It’s 3 in the morning!!!!! Knock this shit off!!!”

3:45am I win the battle of the bread and cats finally fall asleep. One is cuddled up against my stomach, the other is up against my back. This I can handle

4:15am I fall into a deep, glorious sleep

5:35am Alarm radio goes off. Rob, Arnie and Dawn are talking about the presidential debates. I quickly hit snooze

5:45am the alarm goes off again. DJs are still talking about debates. I sluggishly get up. Benadryl hangover causing me to weave to the shower

6:15am out of shower, hair done, put on dress coat for today’s Healthcare Forum…AND THERE’S A MISSING BUTTON!!! “You have got to be kidding me” I scream to no one in particular. I’m pressed for time already and now out comes the sewing kit and on goes the button

6:45am-7:15am Get kids up, drop them off at brother-in-law’s house to be taken to school. Pound coffee while driving to the Nugget. Pass a NHP trooper and wonder if drinking coffee while driving is in the small print of the cell phone ban law

7:16am Arrive at Nugget and jump on stage to welcome 250 people to the Healthcare Forum… appearing totally composed as though I’d gotten 8 hours of sleep… even introduced the Nevada Secretary of State, Ross Miller

My friend, Sally, has a sign in the kitchen of her cabin that says “All good cooks are like ducks… calm on the surface and paddling like hell beneath the water”. I am that duck





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I was born in San Francisco and ended up marrying a rancher in Reno, Nevada. I have a big city job anchoring the 5 o’clock news but come home to the country where my husband’s family has ranched for 5 generations.

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