The last two days, I’ve updated you all on my friends who I’m helping to lose weight. The husband has type 2 diabetes because of his weight. Doctors have told his wife she was on the same path. It’s been an 8 month journey and they are 20130305-220026.jpgboth doing great. Ups and downs, but all in all great. I’m the one who has had the problem. And this is it. I’ve posted this journey on my Facebook page and from day 1, I’ve had many requests for help. One woman emailed me from her hospital bed begging me to help her lose weight. Another woman said she has young children and is afraid she’s going to die from her diabetes. I’ve had so many requests they’ve paralyzed me. I’m the type of person who hates to say no. I want to help people… all of you. I would love to quit my job and open a free gym where you could all workout with me. Unfortunately, I also love a paycheck… so that’s not going to happen. So what can I do??? Well, I’ve decided on two things. First, I’m going to do a book report for all of us. A nutritionist gave my friends and me this book, “Why We Get Fat.” I’ve started it and it’s not a beach read. It’s case study after case study. So, for all of us, I’m going to plow through this beast and give you all the highlights. Give me a few weeks, I read at night when I’m already tired! Secondly, I’m going to start posting my own workouts once a week. Every Friday I will post what I’ve done for the last week so you can copy my workouts, use them as motivation to start working out, or laugh at them and say, “Who does this chick think she is?? Dara Torres?” It’s the best I can do. If I could help each and every one of you, I would! But since 2 children, a husband, a dog, two cats and a job make that impossible (oh wait, did I forget the hamster??), I hope you will accept this small gesture. A lot of you out there just need a big toe… I hope this blog can be that for you!




Yesterday, I shared with you the first half of my text message with my friend who I’m helping to lose weight. He has diabetes… and I HATE IT. So much so I’ve given him and his wife 8 months of my life to try and help them. We work out once a week, I got them a session with a nutritionist and I hold them accountable. If you missed my original text to my friend, check it out here.  And now, here’s the rest of our conversation:

20130304-180026.jpgFriend: Ya know, everybody needs a big toe. Thanks for being my big toe.

Me:  That actually made me laugh out loud! Ok, here is your first journal entry that you are going to write down TODAY!

“Dear Self, I feel like shit and I’ve done this to myself. I’ve gained back 10 pounds during the holidays and it’s causing me to slip into depression. Once again, my weight is yo-yoing and in June of 2012 I promised myself I wouldn’t do that again. I can’t keep gaining weight during special occassions. My life depends on it this time. I’m sick. I have a disease that is going to kill me if I don’t get it under control. I am going to get my eating back under control and keep it there until I weigh 275. On that day only can I celebrate with a small treat. Holidays, birthdays, fishing trips, hunting trips are no longer excuses to eat and drink whever I want. As of right now I am in control of what I eat. I have to be . MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.”

There you go! You are going to write that down and read it every day if you have to! Read it instead of putting more shit in your mouth. Read it when you are unmotivated to workout. Read it before you go to the next function where you know you are going to cheat. Now go have a nice day!

Friend: I luv ya toooooooo. See ya next Wednesday. xxxxxoooooo

 So there you have it.  A small look into the many conversations my friend and I have had for several months now.  I think a lot of you can relate to the holiday weight gain, the January depression and the February rut.  It’s a life cycle for many of you. I know because since I’ve started blogging and Facebooking about me helping my friends lose weight, I’ve heard from a lot of you.  So many of you that I’ve decided to do what I can to help you all out.  I’ll let you know what that is tomorrow. 











20130301-185222.jpgI’ve been helping two people lose weight for 6 months. I gave them 6 months of my life after learning the husband had been diagnosed with diabetes. So how did it go? Well, it’s still going. And here’s why. The holidays are killer for people trying to lose weight. I believe there’s one vital reason. When you eat badly at breakfast, you have a better chance at cheating during lunch and an even better shot at cheating during dinner. I mean you blew it at breakfast… what the hell… the whole day is shot. “I’ll do better tomorrow,” you say to yourself. So now take that daily concept and apply it to weeks. Several weeks. Make it a month. And now you’re saying to yourself, “I’ll be better in the new year.” I think the need to lose weight following the holidays is where you will find the origin of New Years resolutions! So here we are. 8 months later. My diabetic friend started at 327. He was at 283 before the holidays. He gained back 10 pounds during that 4 week period. Ouch. His wife started at 162. She got down to 139. Currently shes 141.

So I asked my diabetic friend if I could share our text conversation from a few weeks ago. He smiled and said no because he didn’t want people to think I was a douche!! Keep in mind I care about this guy… Sometimes I think more than he cares about himself. Our conversations are blunt, emotional and sometimes hard to swallow… Like this one:

Friend: I’m in a rut right now and losing the weight I gained over December is proving diffiuclt. I’m riding the bike and treadmill in the morning but I am still losing very slowly. I’m not in the groove yet on my eating habits. I feel like I’m getting depressed a little because I can’t control my urges to eat a little too much. I’m still in the 288 range and my blood sugar was 88 this morning on 40 unites of insulin. I guess I’m going to need some time and will power to get moving.

Me: This is what you are going to do tomorrow morning. You are going to wake up and put a band aide on your little toe. And then you are going to pull out that beautiful food journal I bought you and start writing down every gdam thing you put in your mouth. Then you are going to open up your favorite photo album and look at what’s important in your life. I sure as shit bet it’s not a bunch of pictures of bread and cheese and huge plates of pasta. You no longer have the choice to eat those things. The band aide will remind you of that every day until you get down to 275. And then you are going to do some workout that makes you feel good. DO YOU HEAR ME??? I want to see that food journal next week when we work out together. Tough love SUCKS! Tough shit!

So how did he respond to my lovely text? I’ll let you know tomorrow.



Losing Weight Challenge

This picture has HUGE significance!!

When I started helping my friends lose weight at the beginning of July, his daughter couldn’t fully put her arms around her dad.

Today she ran up to me so excited because now she can!!