eva and donner

Eva and Donner Right Before Her 9th Birthday

I have no idea how I got talked into this! But for my daughter’s 9th birthday she is getting a pet. No clue which pet! That will be decided by a group of her friends as they walk the isles of Petsmart pointing and screaming at all the little creatures that may soon call my house home. Eva got me to agree to this crazy birthday because this was the only request that was even remotely possible. Here’s how the conversation went:

Eva: Can I have a phone?
Me: NO! Not until you’re 10.
Eva: Can I get my ears pierced?
Me: NO! Not until you’re 13.
Eva: Can I get a laptop?
Me: NOOOOOOOOOOO! Not until I get a laptop and a personal trainer to work out all my aggression I have from being a parent of a 9 year old!

God, I’m such a scrooge! But where are the little girls who ask for Barbie stuff??? “Mom can I please please please please please please PLEEEEEEEEEEASE have the Barbie van????” “YEEEEEEEEEEES!!” would come flying out of my mouth! But instead… this is what I got next.

“Ok FINE! Can I at least get a pet?” My mouth started to form the word “NO” as my brain negotiated with itself.
Right Brain: “How bad could a little rodent be around the house?”
Left Brain: “Do I really need to remind you in the past 10 months your cats have eaten two frogs and one fish??? All of which belonged to Eva???”
Right Brain: “We will buy a heavier cage the cats can’t knock over!”

“YES! Eva you can get a pet for your 9th birthday!”

Oh my God, what have I done??? Well, I guess I’ll find out Friday when Petsmart becomes party central.

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