20121108-130037.jpgI was heading up to my God daughter’s 5th birthday party when something struck me. It was a costume party but surely just for the kids, right? Nope. A quick phone call to my friend confirmed I had to dress up too. Dammit! I’m never prepared!! So I turned the car around, stood in my closet and just stared. I had nothing, no costume. But I saw my cowboy shirt, my boots and hat and started grabbing these clothes… right off the hangers!! Not tucked away for special rodeo nights. Nope these clothes are hanging up right next to my suits and Banana Republic shirts. These clothes are worn waaay too often for my San Francisco self! On the way back through the ranch I stopped in the tack room to grab my husband’s chaps. I now not only looked the part but smelled it too!! So by the time I got to the party I was laughing at myself because my costume came from my closet. And the I saw my friend, Jeff, also from the San Francisco Bay Area, and he too pulled his costume out of his closet. Oh how Nevada changes you!


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