kids in Bellagio

The kids in Italy

HUGE milestone in the Damonte family this summer.  We let our 7and 8 year olds fly to Europe by themselves!  Now before you think I’m a Mommy Dearest mom (do people even know that reference anymore??), know this.  I was actually on the plane.  But I didn’t fly with them!  And it was glorious!!  Let me explain.  A travel agent booked our flight from Dallas to Italy putting two of us in the exit row.  We had originally planned to board the plane and divide and conquer.  I would sit with Eva, Darrin would take Domi.  But since kids can’t sit in the exit isle…a family milestone was born!  The kids sat 10 rows in front of us.  They played their video games, they watched a movie, they ate meals together… even slept… and NOT ONE PEEP!  Turns out our kids need an audience of at least one parent in order to fight.  They loved it.  We cherished the 9 hours of uninterrupted quiet.  And when we arrived in Europe, I actually missed the little buggers.  I was dying to hear how their trip went.  I WANTED to be with them!  So thanks to a booking error by our travel agent, I will never fly with my children again… even though I will always be on the plane.

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