You all know me as a TV anchor and now blogger (!!!!) but my close friends know me as a cake decorator. At least during special events and Halloween of  course qualifies! I always try to come up with unique, original designs. Because the LOOK of the cake is all that matters to me. But the TASTE is what most everyone else raves about… And here ya go!!! Here’s my secret for making the best tasting cakes around. Ok, at least by a home cook like me!  I follow the recipe on the back of the Betty Crocker box exactly… Except! And here’s the secret… I add a box of Jell-O pudding. I get a small box of whatever flavor the cake is and just dump it right in while my KitchenAid mixes it all up. This is a fool proof way to always get super moist cake!! Now my other secret for frosting the cake is to freeze it first. This makes it much easier to spread the frosting.  And then just let your imagination take over!


















  1. Charles says:

    Beautiful cakes
    love to watch you and Kristen everyday

  2. Carmen says:

    I can’t wait to try this little secret! Thanks for sharing!


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