20121220-085705.jpgFor those of you in my viewing area… Have I looked different lately? Well, I should have. That’s because recently my station switched from standard to high definition. And shortly after that, we got HD makeup. Now let me tell you a bit about my makeup history.


When I first started reporting 19 years ago (gulp) I wore a touch of blush, some mascara and lip smackers lip gloss. You can see makeup isn’t my thing. I went on air like that for about a year until my then boss, Nancy, called me into her office and said I had to start wearing makeup meant for TV not a 7th grade date to the movies. She even popped in a tape to show me what I looked like. That wasn’t very nice but boy did it drive home to me that makeup was just as much a part of TV journalism as spelling is to print. You have to have it! So around 1997, we had a Mary Kay consultant come make us over. And then Mac moved to town.



And now HD makeup. Christie, with Colour Basis, is the latest consultant to walk to hallowed halls of the Deuce. It’s been quite the progression… Both for my face and the makeup industry. But, man, there’s one thing I hate about this new makeup. I’ll write about that tomorrow!













  1. I’ve also upped my technique to HD and the results are amazing. So many people think ‘HD’ is a magic ingredient in a product, but it is just a technique using the right products for high definition technology!


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