20121012-153537.jpgIt rained last night which means we lost our power AGAIN!!!! Living on a ranch means living with millions of birds. Literally! Starling, or bats with beaks as we call them, call our ranch home because they eat the cow feed. It’s like a free buffet that never goes away. And since they eat like 1,000 times their body weight a day in our cow feed… that means they shit at least that much. And some of that poop ends up on the transmitter or transponder or whatever that box is called that allows electricity to get from the pole to my coffee maker. And when it rains the water hits the line sparking the bird shit and… Kablooey!! No coffee. No alarm clocks. No lights in the shower. Yes those are my kids taking a shower by lantern light.


About Wendy D

I was born in San Francisco and ended up marrying a rancher in Reno, Nevada. I have a big city job anchoring the 5 o’clock news but come home to the country where my husband’s family has ranched for 5 generations.

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