Yesterday, I shared with you the first half of my text message with my friend who I’m helping to lose weight. He has diabetes… and I HATE IT. So much so I’ve given him and his wife 8 months of my life to try and help them. We work out once a week, I got them a session with a nutritionist and I hold them accountable. If you missed my original text to my friend, check it out here.  And now, here’s the rest of our conversation:

20130304-180026.jpgFriend: Ya know, everybody needs a big toe. Thanks for being my big toe.

Me:  That actually made me laugh out loud! Ok, here is your first journal entry that you are going to write down TODAY!

“Dear Self, I feel like shit and I’ve done this to myself. I’ve gained back 10 pounds during the holidays and it’s causing me to slip into depression. Once again, my weight is yo-yoing and in June of 2012 I promised myself I wouldn’t do that again. I can’t keep gaining weight during special occassions. My life depends on it this time. I’m sick. I have a disease that is going to kill me if I don’t get it under control. I am going to get my eating back under control and keep it there until I weigh 275. On that day only can I celebrate with a small treat. Holidays, birthdays, fishing trips, hunting trips are no longer excuses to eat and drink whever I want. As of right now I am in control of what I eat. I have to be . MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.”

There you go! You are going to write that down and read it every day if you have to! Read it instead of putting more shit in your mouth. Read it when you are unmotivated to workout. Read it before you go to the next function where you know you are going to cheat. Now go have a nice day!

Friend: I luv ya toooooooo. See ya next Wednesday. xxxxxoooooo

 So there you have it.  A small look into the many conversations my friend and I have had for several months now.  I think a lot of you can relate to the holiday weight gain, the January depression and the February rut.  It’s a life cycle for many of you. I know because since I’ve started blogging and Facebooking about me helping my friends lose weight, I’ve heard from a lot of you.  So many of you that I’ve decided to do what I can to help you all out.  I’ll let you know what that is tomorrow. 










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