When I was growing up in Walnut Creek, CA, my mom created many family traditions. But one thing was the same with all of them. They included just the four of us. My mom, dad, brother and me. My family was small. Both my parents were only children. My dad’s parents had both died by the time I came along. My mom was estranged from her mom and her dad and his wife lived up in Oregon and didn’t travel much. So family affairs meant a table of four. And I loved it. But now, I’ve 20121026-180411.jpgmarried into a huge family plus we have many close friends we consider family, so family traditions often include 10 to 20 to 50 people. And I love it. Except this one holiday tradition. The tradition of making Nevada Day cookies. I’ve kept this tradition just for a table of three. Eva, Dominic and Me. Here’s how our day goes. I wake up completely squished between their two little bodies. Somehow they both come into my bed the night before and since I know this is going to end some day… I always let it happen. We finally get up and eat something quick and easy. And then the mess begins. Domi makes the dough as Eva sets up all the sprinkles, frosting, cookie cutters and anything else she can find on my baking shelf in the pantry. I then put a layer of dough in front of each child and they go to town making Nevada shaped cookies. They always throw in some bats, pumpkins and this year stars (not sure why!) since Nevada Day is so close to Halloween. 20121026-180458.jpg

Officially, Nevada Day is October 31st, but years ago people voted to make the holiday on the last Friday of October. Oh yes! Did I mention it’s a state holiday?? We get the day off here… well most people do. I will eventually go to work in the afternoon, loaded down with plates of cookies. Because while my children love the tradition of making Nevada Day cookies, they don’t really eat them. For the kids, it’s all about the journey.  For me, it’s all about the destination;  a day spent with just my kids.



sugar cookie recipe

Best sugar cookie recipe ever! I found this in Parenting Magazine and have used it for years!





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