What can you buy for 30 dollars? A super cute new fall sweater at Old Navy. 7 lattes at your local coffee shop. A full day kids lift ticket at Soda Springs Ski Resort. You know what I got for $30? Two loaves of bread. Paleo bread is apparently made with edible gold. One was coconut, the other almond.


Here was Darrin’s reaction.  Eva felt the same way.


Domi gave it a weak smile, but that’s just because he loves me and my crazy Paleo antics.


Apparently, I had to master my own Paleo bread. And thanks to my fellow Paleo pal, Lisa, I did just that! She gave me a recipe for banana bread and it’s FANTASTIC! Honestly. I do add walnuts but that’s the only change I make to the recipe. And it makes amazing toast. Darrin and I eat it for breakfast all the time. Let me know what you think!

And thank you Elana for this great creation!





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  1. Erica says:

    I love Elana’s banana bread! I have both of her cookbooks and use them all.the.time!

    Sorry you spent money on that nasty paleo bread. If I knew you were thinking of buying it I would have warned you :)

  2. Lisa says:

    I LOVE that recipe!! that is so funny about the breads you bought, my Mom bought the exact same 2, didn’t like them and gave them to me, they were TERRIBLE!! And SO expensive! With all the baking success we’ve had lately, I know we can beat that!

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