Good Friday morning!!  “What’s for breakfast?”  Those are the first words out of my kids’ mouths every morning.  I cringe upon hearing them.  “Hell if I know!”  is what I want to reply.  But if I did, the rest of the Girl Scout cookies would suddenly become the breakfast of choice.  But now my problem is solved thanks to these AMAZING Paleo waffles created by the good people who wrote “Eat Like A Dinasaur.”  It’s a kid friendly Paleo cookbook.  These waffles are the first things I’ve tried from their website but they are so good, I’m going to buy their cookbook. 


I wish I would have taken a pretty picture of the waffles all plated with raspberries, a dollop of whipped cream and some  macademia nuts sprinkled all over them… but we ate them too fast.  So instead, you can look at my empty batter bowl and plain Jane waffles.  Seriously, Wendy, get some better pictures rolling!  Oh ya, and here’s the recipe:

 I recommend doubling it.  It makes enough for one good breakfast for 4.  I make extra and them put them in the freezer and toast them as needed in the days ahead.  Splash a little 100% grade B maple syrup and you are in hog heaven!





  1. Erica says:

    I have the ELAD cookbook and it is wonderful! In fact, I think we may have the waffles today for breakfast too :)

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