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 What is up with our oceans lately?  They are producing some amazing stories.   Take this shark eating seal for example.
A blue shark off the coast of Cape Point, South Africa (© hgm-press)

Never before seen: seal chows down on massive sharks

(from MSN)

Here’s something you don’t see every day: A cuddly fur seal killing and eating five enormous, deadly sharks. The extraordinary scene was captured off the coast of South Africa by divers Chris and Monique Fallows. “In more than 2,000 expeditions working with sharks over the last 21 years, this is the only time I have ever seen a seal kill several sharks,” says Chris. “I can find no record of such an event happening elsewhere.” Chris snapped away in amazement as the seal snacked on the first two sharks, chowing down on their stomachs and livers, and then killed three more.







And then did you hear about this guy??  A giganic squid we’ve all assumed lived deep within the darkness of the ocean… well, he actually exists.  And yes, I saw “he.”  This dude is ugly… and scary.  Too ugly and scary to be a chica.

I’m all for Discovery and Nat Geo.  They bring us amazing pictures of thing we otherwise would never see.  But really?  I’m ok, not knowing there’s an eight legged sea creature 4 stories tall that could rise from the depths and hug me to death with suckers the size of my face.  And I’ve always been afraid of sharks, thanks to my parents taking me to see Jaws in the movie theatre AT AGE 4, and now I have to be afraid of seals too?  I’ve come to realize ignorance is bliss in many things in this world. And that includes stories from the deep.  I’d rather not know what’s looking up at me while I’m swimming on the surface of the ocean!

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