Following Christmas, the attention (ok my attention) goes to the next big thing. My birthday! I was actually due in December of 1971 but I was 2 weeks late!! My poor Mom! So January 11th is a big day… At least for me. I LOVE my birthday. It’s the one day I get to decide exactly what I want to do. (Traditionally I call my out of town friends at 5am so they can wish me a happy birthday. Yes it’s an asshole thing to do. No I don’t care it’s before sunrise when their phones ring! It’s my birthday!!) And this year I’m going bowling. Well, I was going bowling until this conversation happened.
I was talking to my friend Megan and we were making plans to bowl at the National Bowling Stadium (yes, Reno has a National Bowling Stadium. And no, locals can’t bowl in it. It’s just for professionals. I’m not kidding. But once a year members of a group called the Prospectors get to play there and this year it’s on my birthday!) So we are sitting at my bar talking about our plans when suddenly Eva says to me, “but mom, if you go bowling I won’t get to spend your birthday with you.” I gazed down at those mournful hazel eyes and nearly cried. My 9 year old wanted to be with me and she felt excluded from one of my favorite days of the year. I was making plans right in front of her that didn’t include her. I was heartbroken and humbled at the same time. How much longer will my kids actually want to be with me on my birthday? How much longer will they even realize the importance of January 11th? People always say time goes so quickly with your kids and it suddenly hit home with me at that very moment. That moment I will never forget when my daughter truly wanted to share my birthday with me. And right then I turned to Megan and said, “It’s my birthday and I’m not bowling.” Instead I will be with my kids and my husband. And that’s exactly where I want to be.



  1. Cathy says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY!!!……and good choice. :)

  2. Kathleen says:

    Good morning Wendy,

    Loved your bowling story this morning. I just wanted to wish you a wonderful Birthday spent with your family.

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