MONDAY: Rode my wind trainer for 1 hour 30 minutes. Boring. Same ‘ol thing. Why do I subject myself to this workout??? Totally dreading rerun season!

TUESDAY: Went mountain biking with my Little Friend Lynn today. We rode Galena for 2 hours 30 minutes. I normally take Donner when we mountain bike, but today we had to cross the Mt. Rose Highway so I left her home. Boy was I in trouble when I got home all muddy and still high from endorphins. She looked at me and played dead.


WEDNESDAY: Swam 3700 yards. 1500 swim, 1500 pull, 700 swim.

THURSDAY: I ran for 1 hour 45 minutes today. My kids had 4-H so I left the fairgrounds on foot and ran through my alma mater. If you’ve never visited the University of Nevada, you should! It’s beautiful. It’s designed after the University of Virginia which was one of Thomas Jefferson’s creations. I came across the quad all decked out and ready for graduation the following day. This brought back some GREAT memories.


FRIDAY: Swam 2800 yards. 1500 swim, 1200 pull, 100 swim. Rode a stationary bike at the gym. Have you ever sat on one of those seats?? How do people ride on those? I made it 45 minutes and had to get off.  I walked like an old cowboy from a spaghetti western the rest of the afternoon.

SATURDAY: No workout.

SUNDAY: Rode my wind trainer for 1 hour 15 minutes.






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I was born in San Francisco and ended up marrying a rancher in Reno, Nevada. I have a big city job anchoring the 5 o’clock news but come home to the country where my husband’s family has ranched for 5 generations.

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