Monica Lewinsky BookI can’t say I’m particularly surprised by this tid bit I found in the Huffington Post… but seriously… would you read a memoir written by Monica Lewinsky?  Apparently she’s shopping around for a book deal!

Here’s part of the article from the Huffington Post:

Monica Lewinsky is reportedly writing a tell-all memoir which may contain explicit details about her romantic relationship with former President Bill Clinton.

According to reports, Lewinsky, now 39, is allegedly shopping a “new top-secret book.”

“We’re told Lewinsky has been making the rounds with major publishers, who were all asked to sign nondisclosure agreements to take the meetings,” the New York Post wrote earlier this month.

Lewinsky has yet to comment on the planned book deal, but the tabloids have already begun speculating about the money involved (possibly millions) and the details that will be divulged (potentially salacious), according to Radar Online.

A blogger for the Washington Post says that while a Lewinsky memoir does not come as a surprise, the book may provide a new perspective on Lewinsky and her journey (from the vilified “other woman” to TV personality and graduate student in London) since the Clinton scandal.

Personally, I was more than a little irritated when Barbara Walters did her interview with Lewinsky and then helped her get a job as a “TV Personality.”  There are those of us who took the right path to become broadcast journalists.  I didn’t realize my degress in journalism would be trumped by a BJ in the oval office.

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